Investigations can be varied and complex. Our dedicated teams of multi-disciplinary professionals will assist you in many areas, including:

  • Reports on potential acquisitions including a review of a target business's accounts, financial controls, cash flow and profit forecasts;
  • Advising on taxation implications and the structuring of the proposed transaction;
  • Reviewing, or preparing, financial models in support of a transaction;
  • Advising on business plans tailored to meet the requirements of particular sources of finance;
  • Preparing a selling memorandum for the purpose of the disposal of all or part of a business;
  • Investigations on specific aspects of a business prior to a lending or limited investment proposal;
  • Reports to enable bankers and other professional advisers consider the direction in which an enterprise should develop;
  • Carrying out a pre-flotation review, designed to provide the opportunity to identify the best strategy and to avoid potential problems that could delay or impede flotation; and
  • Acting as Reporting Accountants for public offers in accordance with statutory and Stock Exchange requirements.