Management Consultancy

We manage the process of change and employ only experienced consultants with at least five years in line management. The principal areas in which we operate are as follows:

  • Information Systems Effectiveness Review - a wide ranging review, using participative workshops for user and Information systems management to ensure effective planning, implementation, use and control of Information systems resources;
  • Information Systems Strategy - advice and assistance in developing a flexible framework within which the organisation can implement the most appropriate systems in support of the business strategy;
  • Information System Selection and Implementation - we assist in selecting a list of appropriate suppliers, compiling an Invitation to Tender, evaluating suppliers' proposals and advising on the appropriate solution.   We help enterprises to successfully manage the implementation of the new systems, acting as a bridge between the supplier and the end-user.  We ensure that a detailed plan and practical timetable is developed and followed and that the system is properly tested;
  • Business and Financial Management  - creation of strategic business plans, development of financial control and management reporting systems, provision of interim management skills;
  • Value For Money Studies - a combination of cost reduction, productivity improvements and effectiveness reviews designed to increase the 'bottom line';
  • Management Training - financial training for non-financial managers, Information Technology awareness training.
  • Relocation Project Management  - from feasibility study and project planning to cost monitoring and human resourcing issues.